PBL resources list

Essential Project Design Elements

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects

Sample verbs for learning Objectives

Objectives builder

the 5-minute lesson plan

Negotiated curriculum and pbl (an interesting interview)

Putting the Passion in Project-Based Learning (bookmarked for the creative matrix idea and the Ensure quality learning with constant feedback tips) 

A taxonomy of innovation  creative matrix + more 

Is it a Project or an Activity? Project-Based Learning and its Cousins

  • Some student teams aren't working well together.
  • Some students aren't doing their fair share of the work in teams.
  • One or more students are frequently absent and miss key project events.
  • Students don't know what to do during independent work time, waste time, and/or get frustrated.
  • The project is taking too long and your calendar was way off.

5 rubric tools

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