Sunday, August 12, 2018

Workshop on Entrepreneurial competences

On Saturday the 11th of August I run a workshop on Entrepreneurial competences for farmers, offered by the Business and Innovation Center of Crete, in Ierapetra.
The activities that I had designed were based in the EntreLearn toolkit for Teachers that follows the EntreComp framework (developed by the Joint Research Center).
Instead of independent activities I combined them in 4 sets, relating them with the 15 entrepreneurial competences in clusters.
1. Analyze it (spotting opportunities, creativity, vision, valuing ideas, ethical and sustainable thinking)
    Participants had to identify 5 problems that a typical farmer faces, think of how  these problems could get     worse, think of solutions, analyze those solutions (SWOT) and recognize their sustainability.
2. Our mistakes (coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk- motivation, perseverance- learning through experience)
    Participants had to list the mistakes they have made during the different phases of production and explain the lessons they have learned from these mistakes.
3. Make a difference (taking initiative- mobilizing resources- mobilizing others- financial economic literacy- planing and management)
    Participants had to plan in details an initiative of social or environmental purpose and present it.
4. Our personal growth (self awareness, self efficacy- collaboration)
    Participants had get rid of negative thoughts, identify their strong and weak points in case of a         collaboration, to self-assess their entrepreneurial competences.

Those activities were related to their professional life so that participants get engaged and make the most out of their own experience.
The aims were that participants

  • identify the 15 entrepreneurial competences and the circumstances in which they can develop these competences
  • organize their thoughts 
  • self-evaluate their entrepreneurial competences
  • develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • realize the importance of collaboration and sharing of ideas
In the beginning of the session there was a warm up team building activity on the dynamics of collaboration.

Participants were given worksheets with instructions for each activity, they were collaborating in groups, they were developing their thoughts in mindmaps and charts, they filled questionnaires, they reflected on their personal self-evaluation EntreComp Giant, and  they completed their personal profile card of collaboration. They felt particularly engaged and they liked the activities very much, wishing that the result of their work is gathered in one document and be published.

My personal observations are that the participating adults preferred walking in well known paths of thinking, hesitating to think in innovative ways. The available time was not enough for reflection and for showcasing alternative ways of thinking. That's why I believe that there must be a long term available professional development course on the subject. 

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  1. This is very interesting, Maria. Thansk for sharing. I do agree with you and I honestly think that reflection is the mother of innovation. We cannot change our practices and behaviours if we do not reflect on them. Therefore, I totally support you in saying that we need more time to develop these competences. Well done!