Thursday, July 19, 2018

educational innovation

Today I discovered this publication of the European Schoolnet
Open Book of Educational Innovation

It's a collection of 115 educational innovations in Europe, in an attempt to make these innovations visible.

Starting reading this booklet, 3 things came in my mind and I highlight them:

1. The importance that the European Schoolnet initiatives have in my own professional development

2. The importance of Personal Learning Networks, twitter in my case. I find amazingly interesting things from my contacts, to learn and to share

3. The importance of innovation in schools that actually derive from innovative minds and collaborations, from individuals that had "A ha!" moments of inspiration and shared them successfully with like-minded people.

Investing in quality education for all European youth is vital for the future of Europe. No matter how deep technology will be embedded in educational practices, the human factor, teachers, will always play the most important role in motivating students and developing their social skills. Investing in empowering teachers to give their best in the classroom will be the crucial factor for successful education in the future. That's where European Schoolnet seems to have succeeded.

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