Saturday, March 11, 2017

innovation starts with a vision

Entrepreneurial mind-sets are forward thinking
Idea generation can be done through visualisation of scenarios - being able to see clearly the realisation of the idea and its impact. 
In order to foster this competence in our students we need to give freedom to their imagination and to open their perception to new and unexplored areas of knowledge and ideas. 

What can you do to support your students in visualising future scenarios? 
  • provoke curiosity about the future
  • ask questions in order to develop students’ strategic thinking 
  • have always clear, and simple questions to guide your students through the process of visualising ideas. (Imagine that…How does it works? What are the steps to achieve this? What if? ) 

Classroom activities could be both oral and supported by visual elements, such as sketches, notes, comic books, lists, etc. 

Sharing visions and looking through the eyes of others is a powerful way of broadening one’s mind and imagination.  That is why visualisation techniques are suitable for activities with the whole class or in groups. 
The following scenarios help you to spot what differentiates "spotting opportunities" from "having a vision"..
  1. A small child in a classroom/school breaks a leg and needs to come to school on a wheelchair. The classmates and the teacher observe that there are barriers in the school that impede the child to participate in all activities as before. For example, it is difficult to reach the theatre where the class generally has their drama lesson. The teacher and the class take this as an opportunity to reflect on current architectural barriers in the school and to propose improvements. This activity is about spotting opportunities
  2. The teachers and the class take this a step further. They consider what their neighbourhood would look like if there were no architectural barriers at all. How would the neighbourhood look like? How would a town that is built with access and mobility in mind look like?  This activity is about vision

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