Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1.2 Entrepreneurial education in my school/classroom

Entrepreneurial education is introduced and implemented in various ways in Europe. There are three ways of promoting entrepreneurship education: 

1. by fostering entrepreneurship education through one specific subject; 

2. by adopting entrepreneurial education as a cross-curricular and transversal competence applicable to all subjects; and 

3. by thinking of entrepreneurial education as a method rather than an aim. 

What is the state of entrepreneurial education in your country/region/school?
  • Entrepreneurship education is embedded in the school culture, where it is promoted through several actions by all teachers/educators;
  • A cross-curricular approach, where entrepreneurship education objectives are expressed as being transversal and horizontal across different subjects;
  • Entrepreneurship education is taught as a compulsory separate subject, or as part of (a) compulsory subject(s);
  • Entrepreneurship education is taught as an optional subject, or as part of (an) optional subject(s);
  • Entrepreneurship education is not taught at all.
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Hmmm....let's see...
I teach in a vocational highschool, where entrepreneurship can be taught in an optional school activity project, laying on the initiative of a teacher to take the responsibility of it. I'm not sure if there are relevant compulsory subjects in the department of Economics. So, to have entrepreneurship education we firstly need teachers with entrepreneurial mindset, who will identify the need for it and go ahead and improvise , more or less. Entrepreneurial activities could be implemented into the "vocational guidance" course which is compulsory in grade A but still it lays on the hands of the teacher. I would personally like to see school culture dealing with entrepreneurial education as a method rather than an aim.

by the is an excellent info-graphic from Kornelia Lohynova. As I see it, schools in Greece are not ready to support entrepreneurial education, be it due to lack of means or lack of teachers' attitude and skills.

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