Tuesday, June 7, 2016

what is pbl 1.1

PBL is all about the process and the learning that happens as part of this process. In other words the project is the main course. "Doing projects" however, is often an add-on at the end of a topic that has been studied in class, in other words the learning of curriculum content happens before the project work even starts. The project is then the culmination of that work where the students apply their knowledge or delve deeper into the topic. 
I've watched the first video 3 years ago, when I actually started experimenting in my classroom on pbl.
Millions of problems in the beginning. I don't doubt about the effectiveness of this method but theory is far away from practice in the classroom. I never had and I will probably never have the ideal conditions to implement pbl, but at least I'm trying.
I hope that in the end of this course I will have gained a bit more skills on applying pbl in my lessons.

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