Friday, June 10, 2016

peer review

One of the highlights of this course, is the peer review, for sure.
My personal feeling about it?
I was anticipating to see how teachers from different schools, different cultures, see my project idea.
I want to thank Theodosis Theodosiou and Vasiliki Archondi who reviewed my 1.3 exercise.

But mostly, I enjoyed reading about the ideas of my course-mates!. It's a trip into some other person's mind, isn't it?
It's very difficult to review a project idea of another teacher, especially when he/she comes from a different country, from a different school level, teaching different subjects. I was more or less afraid to write my review, because maybe I was seeing things from a different perspective. It's the foreign language  too that doesn't help in explaining.

To review we must reflect on what we have  learned so far, so there is deeper learning while reviewing but I'd love to collaborate with some other teachers to build the final product together. It's not easy in a Mooc, I know and as Benjamin Hertz mentioned in one of the fb group posts: what this course is missing is a more structured and committed form of collaboration, especially if it would attempt to replicate a PBL process for the learners. The cooperation that you are engaging in is very much up to everyone themselves and it is in fact not collaboration but cooperation (the difference between collaboration and cooperation will be explored in Module 2). A more structured collaboration is very difficult to implement in a MOOC, simply because there are so many learners. We are working on a technical solution that will hopefully help us to address this as we would love to have some real group work happening on our courses. So keep an eye out for it in the future!
I keep an eye out for it in the future!!!

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