Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My teaching context

This is my school, from an unusual perspective, since I wanted to show how close to the beach it's located and let you imagine how rewarding the view from the south classrooms is.

My classroom is nothing special but where I really enjoy teaching is outside, in the garden (I teach agricultural sciences, remember?) or in the school library.

Our school library is a place  where basic technological infrastructure helps us implement projects. It's not perfect but it's a versatile, flexible learning space. That's where my first attempt for project based learning happened and it was when I tried to implement an etwinning project into my teaching course on Human Rights. A tribute to Maurice Medici from Belgium for the inspiration, the ideas and the experience on "Odysseus" project.
It was the first time that we formed teams and collaborated towards a common goal. I had recently followed a 2-days seminar on project based learning and it was the first time that such a teaching practice was introduced to high schools in Greece. All teachers involved were very insecure on what to do and how because we were actually moving out of our comfort zone. Challenging indeed and for me it ended up in a very positive experience.

More about my teaching strategies and their relation with pbl, in my next post!

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