Thursday, June 9, 2016

my PBL Design: Formulating my driving question m1-1.6


driving question?

This question should be the guiding principle for the entire PBL process that you will go through with your students"

That's how I have imagined my next pbl course
we will focus on our area
Will it work?
I can imagine students gathering local information on the topic and making some 
infographic? presentation? flyer? to inform farmers of our area 

The driving question seems: 
open-ended: since there are specific agricultural activities in our area (greenhouses mainly), different aspects of the environment are influenced and the final product can be different for each team
engaging and inspiring students by creating curiosity: because it is related to their own area and the activities of most of their parents
be aligned to your learning goals: because it's clearly curriculum based
and at the same time being non-Googleable: because students will need local data 

(Update 11th of June - brainstorming)
On a second (and third and forth) thought, I think that it's not a very good driving question.
Maybe the "What should we say to the farmers of our area about the environment?" is better...
or What does the soil want to say to our farmers?
What does the micro-world think about our farmers?
What would be the verdict in a trial between farmers and environment?
I guess that the smaller the project, the easiest to find a good driving question.

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