Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Creating & Using Rubrics for PBL Assessment 4.4

Rubrics are grading tools that can be used for summative as well as formative assessment and they are also a very useful tool to help students with self- and peer assessment. While they can be used for grading, they should in fact be seen as a learning resource that is used by students throughout their workRubrics lend themselves especially well for PBL because they can capture a complex range of criteria in an organized and clear way

 the Rubistar website is a great tool that can help you create a rubric for your PBL activities
It already features a lot of pre-determined rubrics that you can adapt or translate into your own language. 

A series of interesting rubrics where you can get a feel how others are approaching rubrics. You can see other participant's rubrics via this link here.

You can also find quite a number of ready-made rubrics that are relevant for PBL here. If you register on the BIE website you can download the rubrics as pdfs or Word documents so you will be able to adapt or translate them according to your own needs. On this page you can find some more rubric examples, mostly in Spanish but also some in English.

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