Thursday, June 9, 2016

components of good pbl 1.4

Here they are! My creative concept!

which of the 5 components I feel will be the most challenging for me to realize and why?
  • effective collaboration? 
  • I can handle it.
  • is it assessment because your curriculum requires very regular and rigid summative assessments that you are worried will get in the way of PBL? 
  • No, I can handle it, although it's time consuming. 
  • Or maybe you are more concerned about the passivity of your students in lessons and getting them to take the initiative? 
  • Hmmmm....the passivity that will be connected with a wrong driving question, yes. But I'm mostly concerned about the right connection with a real world problem, and how I will combine it with my teaching subjects. It seems that not all subjects are ideal for pbl. If I could collaborate with other teachers and subjects, I think it would have been easier. Anyway.... since every year I teach different subjects, I must use my summer for reflecting, planning, getting organized. 

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